Everything You Need To Know About Valorant Boosting

October 9, 2023

Curious about the finer details of Valorant boosting? Or perhaps you’re considering the standards of Valorant boosting before venturing into top ranks? Let us be your guide. With 10 years in the boosting industry and 3 years dedicated to Valorant, we’re more than ready to share our amassed expertise with you.

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Valorant Boosting Characteristics

Valorant Boosting Service Qualities

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Valorant Account Security & Ethics

Valorant Boosters Explained


Valorant Boosting Characteristics

What is Valorant Boosting?

Valorant Boosting is a service where professional Valorant ranked queue players, known as “boosters,” help low ranked players climb the ladder in the game’s ranked mode for a fee.

How does Valorant boosting work?

It’s very simple. You pay a booster, share your login details, and the booster then grinds on your account until your desired rank is achieved.

What kinds of Valorant boosting services are available?

In Valorant, popular boosting services include rank boosting, duo boosting, win boosting, duo win boosting, placement match boosting, and bulk boosting packages.

Does Valorant Boosting improve your ranked MMR?

When a significant boost occurs, chances are the game’s ranked MMR system notices your account winning a slew of matches. This can result in a positive MMR adjustment, allowing you to lose fewer points for losses and gain more for wins. Additionally, you’ll require more losses for a rank demotion if your MMR is high.

What’s the distinction between Solo and Duo Boosting?

Solo Boosting has a booster log into your account to carry out the games for you. With Duo Boosting, you get to play side by side with a booster during ranked matches. This means you retain full control over your account.

What win rate does Valorant Placement Boosting assure?

A capable boosting service will generally guarantee a majority win rate—something in the ballpark of 65% or higher. Placement boosting in Valorant is often the most cost-effective method, given that placement matches can dramatically influence your rank.

Can I select a specific agent for the booster to use?

Most services do offer the option to pick a particular agent, although this may incur an additional charge and possibly extend the time required to find a booster skilled with your chosen agent.

How long does the boosting process typically last?

A proficient booster can usually bump you up by at least one division each day or secure at least five wins per day. The speed can vary based on your current rank and the time of year. Climbing in lower ranks like Iron can be quick, but even top-tier players may face challenges in Immortal close to season’s end.

How much does Valorant boosting cost for me?

The financial investment hinges on the specific service and its quality. While boosting in lower ranks like Iron may be more affordable, moving up in ranks like Immortal can be costly. Using a subpar service might even risk lowering your current rank.

Can I get a Valorant Boost for free?

Occasionally, yes. Some services might offer complimentary boosts or trial games, depending on their policies.

Will boosting make me a more skillful player?

Generally speaking, it can. Players often find themselves trapped in lower ranks due to the inconsistent skill levels and game knowledge of their teammates. This prevents them from honing their own abilities effectively. For instance, if you’re a Gold player with the strategic sense of an Immortal, being boosted to that level could offer a more suitable environment for your skill set.

Boosting Service Qualities

How do I ensure the Valorant boosting service is legit?

Your safest move is to consult reviews, especially those on reputable third-party platforms that require verified purchases or engagement proof. Trustpilot is one such platform that’s well-known for its credibility.

Can I also opt for coaching while getting boosted?

Absolutely, coaching combined with duo boosting is an increasingly popular choice in 2023. It’s like killing two birds with one stone—rising through the ranks while honing your skills.

How does the service maintain high quality and professionalism?

A top-notch Valorant boosting service will allow you to rate your experience and will openly showcase its track record. Keep an eye out for completed services, ongoing services, Trustpilot reviews, customer service availability, and the refund policy. At the end of the day, trust your gut—your satisfaction is what counts.

What if the service doesn’t meet my expectations?

Many providers offer partial refunds if you’re not satisfied with the service rendered. Valorant ranks are tiered and segmented, making it easier to evaluate and process refunds.

What payment methods are accepted for elo boosting in Valorant?

You can pay for your boost using a variety of online payment platforms like Stripe, Paypal, and Skrill. Some services even accept cryptocurrency payments.

How can I make sure my boost remains private?

Quality boosting services are committed to preserving your privacy. But if you wish to add another layer of confidentiality, opt for using agents you usually play, request the use of your regular in-game abilities, and if you can, aim to keep the KDA modest.

Is it possible to monitor my boost’s progress in real-time?

With cutting-edge boosting services, real-time progress tracking is often a feature. Even if it’s not, you can always check your account status on different platforms. If this feature interests you, consider reaching out to customer support before committing to a service.

Inside Valorant

Is Valorant’s Elo Hell a Real Thing?

Certainly, since Elo Hell is a personal and subjective experience. Someone who’s well-versed in FPS games might breeze through their initial placement matches and land directly in Platinum. On the flip side, another player might get stuck in Silver for years due to unlucky placement games. For those trapped in Elo Hell, their best options include seeking an elo boosting service, opting for coaching, or even purchasing a new account to restart the placements.

How Do I Escape Valorant’s Elo Hell?

There are several paths out of Elo Hell, with boosting and duo boosting topping the list. These methods help you minimize the time you spend in lower ranks. In some cases, you could soar from Bronze to Gold within a matter of days.

What’s the highest Rank You Can Achieve After Valorant Placements?

In 2023 / 2024, the the ceiling for your rank after placements is Platinum 3. Your visible rank may not reflect your actual gameplay level due to the game’s MMR system. That’s why an already high-ranking player can win all their placement games, hit Immortal 1, but still face off against Immortal 3 competitors.

What is the fastest way to rank up in Valorant?

The speediest way to climb the ranks in Valorant is by pairing up with a smurf account in duo mode. This creates an easier playing field, allowing both players to rise through the ranks faster than usual. This is commonly facilitated through a duo boosting service, either by wins or divisions.

How Can I Watch a Live Valorant Ranked Game?

Unlike in many other games and Riot’s own League of Legends, Valorant does not have a live ranked match viewing option or an API for it.

Are Third-Party Programs Permissible in Valorant?

It’s a mixed bag. Prior to installing any third-party software, it’s crucial to do your homework. If Riot Games has blacklisted the program for use in Valorant, you risk a ban for running the software while playing.

Valorant Account Security & Ethics

Is Valorant Boosting allowed by Riot Games?

The answer depends on your perspective. The contemporary gaming world is ever-changing, and boosting has become part of the modern gaming tapestry. Take World of Warcraft, for instance, where boosting is not only tolerated but also endorsed. The idea is similar in various other titles; you can pay to expedite your progress. In Valorant, for example, you might purchase in-game currency to unlock agents quicker.In the grand scheme, it’s your game, your rules. You decide the pace and style of your gaming journey. Some players love the thrill of a punishing difficulty level, while others prefer a smoother experience.

Is Duo boosting allowed in Valorant?

Yes, duo boosting is barely distinguishable from simply teaming up with a friend. Since you’re actively playing on your own account, it doesn’t count as boosting in the traditional sense. A more fitting term would be ‘duo carrying.’

Can I Get Banned for Duo Boosting in Valorant?/h2>

Nope, getting banned for duo boosting or duo carrying is off the table, as it’s no different from just playing with a friend together.

Is it safe to share my account details with a booster?

Yes, as long as your account is tied to a verified email, any attempts to change the password would require email confirmation. Although the chances of account theft are minimal, it’s still wise to refresh your password after an order is finalized.

What are the risks involved in Valorant boosting?

As of 2023, there are no known penalties or restrictions for Valorant boosting. The primary risk lies in the quality of the service or the integrity of the booster. That’s why checking out reviews and getting the scoop on a booster’s track record is essential.

Are there risks from playing on my account while it’s being boosted?

Your account itself faces no penalties or risks. However, using your account concurrently with a boosting service may slow down and complicate the boosting process.

What happens if a booster behaves poorly or uses offensive language while on my account?

Any reputable boosting service enforces a stringent code of conduct for its boosters. Should your booster fail to adhere to these standards, reporting them to the service provider is your next move.

Valorant Boosters Explained

Who are Valorant Boosters?

Just like you, Valorant boosters are regular gamers but with different life aspirations. Many of these skilled players are vying for a spot in pro circuits like the VCT and need a financial cushion to pursue this path. Boosting services offer them the chance to monetize their gaming skills in the meantime. The sole exception is South Korea, where the legal framework makes boosting a much more secretive operation due to identity laws.

How are Valorant boosters chosen?

The selection criteria depend on the service provider. A reputable boosting company generally begins by reviewing the aspiring booster’s profile and performance, followed by a few test games in ranked mode. Once they clear this initial stage, they start with low-ranked orders to demonstrate their capabilities. Gaining access to high-tier client accounts, such as those in Radiant, could entail up to six months of successful low-rank boosting.

Will I be able to communicate with the booster during the process?

While many services offer this feature, it’s not universal. It often depends on the service’s website infrastructure and their policy on customer-booster interaction.

Do boosters dodge the game if they don’t get your Agent?

Some boosters might be willing to dodge matches for an additional charge. The added cost accounts for the lost Ranked Rating points and, consequently, the halted progress on your account.

How much do Boosters Earn?

Boosters usually pocket between 60-90% of the total order cost, depending on the size and specifics of the boosting task. Earnings can be substantial; for instance, boosting a player from Diamond to Radiant consistently could yield up to $3,000 a month.

What’s the typical rank of a Valorant booster?

Your average Valorant booster is generally around the Radiant rank, although the range can span from Immortal to top-ranking players in various regions like NA, EU, and Korea.

Do Valorant boosters use VPNs?

Most top-notch boosting services deploy VPNs to secure stable account locations. Some even engage local players who not only share the same IP but also follow a similar gaming schedule.

Can I earn money with boosting as a Valorant booster?

Certainly. If you’ve got the skills and clear the service’s evaluation process, you can earn a solid income through boosting. To reliably take on Platinum and above boosting orders, you’ll likely need to be at least at the Radiant rank.


Are there any regions or servers where Valorant boosting is more prevalent?

Boosting in Valorant is a widespread practice across all servers, but it’s particularly prevalent in North America and Europe where the competition is intense and higher ranks offer a more rewarding gaming experience. In contrast, servers with smaller player populations, such as Turkey and Latin America, see less demand for boosting services due to their size.

How do boosting services deal with new seasons or major game changes?

When a new season rolls out or significant changes hit Valorant, boosters generally take some time off from boosting to focus on their own gameplay. They often use this period to practice in ranked modes or train with their professional teams to gear up for the upcoming season and any professional tournaments.

Is it possible to boost in other Valorant game modes?

Absolutely, you can get a boost in any Valorant game mode. If a new mode is introduced, reaching out to your boosting service to inquire about availability is a smart move. Many times, these new modes come with unique rewards that you won’t want to miss.

Can I play Valorant with custom skins?

The availability of custom skins really hinges on Valorant’s current policy regarding third-party skin programs. While some might be available, it’s not a guarantee. A quick online search can provide you with the information you need on this topic.