45 Interesting Facts About Valorant You Might Not Know

May 9, 2024

Are you interested in learning more about Valorant? Then this post is for you.
  1. Sova was initially conceived as a female character.
  2. Several agent abilities, such as Raze's grenade, Kay/o's molly, and Breach's aftershock, deal 1/3 damage to allies.
  3. The "Kay" in Kay/o's name stands for the letter K, making his name a play on "K.O."
  4. Phoenix's wall deals more damage the closer enemies are to the initial casting point.
  5. Running across Sage's slow orbs produces an audible sound cue.
  6. Viper's wall inflicts 30 instant decay damage.
  7. The vulnerable status effect doubles the damage taken.
  8. Standing in the center of Phoenix's molly deals more damage over time.
  9. Combining Phoenix's molly and wall heals for a total of 100 health.
  10. Yoru's name means "night" in Japanese.
  11. Contrary to popular belief, Omen's real name is not Fred.
  12. Brimstone's stim beacon increases fire rate by 15%.
  13. Kay/o's suppression blade can completely cancel Sova's ultimate.
  14. Raze's satchel charges deal a whopping 600 damage to objects.
  15. Viper's ultimate, Viper's Pit, lingers for 15 seconds after she exits it.
  16. The smoke created when recalling Astra's stars lasts for 1 second.
  17. Technically speaking, Cypher's cage is not classified as a smoke.
  18. Yoru's ultimate can be used to reach the bottom of the practice range.
  19. Brimstone's ultimate can be cast outside the boundaries of the map.
  20. Throwing Brimstone's molly straight up will cause it to remain airborne for 8 seconds.
  21. Raze's satchel charges can be used to make her boombot jump.
  22. Firing Viper's wall directly at the ground will cause it to disappear.
  23. When taking damage, shields absorb 66% while the remaining 34% is taken as health damage.
  24. Cypher's cage can be refunded if deployed during the buy phase.
  25. Astra's home country of Ghana features a lake formed by a meteor strike.
  26. Jett is the shortest agent in the game.
  27. Brimstone is the only agent capable of self-eliminating using only his abilities at full health and shields.
  28. Yoru's teleport takes approximately 1.25 seconds to complete.
  29. The map Split is located in Japan.
  30. Ascent takes place in Italy.
  31. Bind is set in Morocco.
  32. Haven is situated in Bhutan.
  33. Icebox's location is in Russia.
  34. Yoru's footsteps can hold teleporter doors open.
  35. Viper's wall extends through teleporters to the other side.
  36. Killjoy is unable to use her ultimate while falling from heights.
  37. Running with a gold-tier weapon is faster than running with the tactical knife.
  38. After a round concludes, there is a 6-second window before the next round begins.
  39. While in his alternate shadow form, Omen can see his allies' movements but not their weapons.
  40. Omen's ultimate allows him to teleport inside the teleporter room on Bind.
  41. Omen's Paranoia does not travel through teleporters.
  42. One of Cypher's codenames is "Gumshoe."
  43. Skye's bird, Reyna's leer, and Cypher's cage can block incoming bullets.
  44. Most abilities cannot destroy Kay/o's suppression blade, with the exception of his own molly.
  45. Phoenix's Curveball bounces off walls and floors.
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 These lesser-known Valorant facts offer insights into agent abilities, map lore, and interesting gameplay mechanics. From hidden ultimate interactions to obscure agent trivia, there's always something new to discover. As the game evolves with new agents, maps, and balance changes, the list of intriguing facts about Valorant will only continue to grow.

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