Does Astra Need a Buff This Patch?

May 29, 2024

Astra was once a force to be reckoned with. Her five-star utility made her the most powerful agent in the game for a considerable period. However, after a significant nerf that reduced her to four stars, many players feel that Astra has become underwhelming and in need of a buff.The primary issue with Astra's current state is the time it takes to place a star, activate it, and then pull out a weapon to engage in combat. Compared to other agents who can instantly use their abilities and shoot, Astra's process feels sluggish and cumbersome. Even for experienced Astra mains who have mastered her utility, the effort required to make plays often outweighs the personal value gained, especially in solo queue. If you're struggling with bad teammates while playing alone, look into cheap Duo Carry services.So, what can be done to bring Astra back into the meta without making her overpowered? The community has several suggestions:
  1. Revert cooldown nerfs on her abilities (Gravity Well, Nova Pulse, and Nebula) while keeping her at four stars. This would put her on par with Omen's utility
  2. Reduce the cooldown on her star recall ability, allowing for more selfish plays in solo queue and making her star inventory go further without increasing the power of her crowd control abilities
  3. Remove the delay on her Gravity Well ability to make her more engaging to play, especially in comparison to newer controllers like Clove
  4. Give Astra five stars again but keep the current cooldowns to balance out her power level
  5. Allow Astra's stars to regenerate, encouraging her to use them more actively throughout the round instead of saving them for the perfect moment
While some players are cautious about buffing Astra due to the previous Astra/Chamber stall meta, many believe that carefully tweaking her abilities could make her a viable choice once again without breaking the game. As Valorant continues to evolve, finding the right balance for Astra will be crucial in maintaining a diverse and competitive agent pool.

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