Fastest Way to Level in Valorant 2024 – 1 Minute Guide

March 24, 2024

Are you looking to level up quickly in Valorant? Follow this simple guide to reach level 20 in no time!

Understanding AP Points

In Valorant, each level requires 5,000 AP points to unlock. Here's how you can earn AP points:

  1. First win of the day: 1,000 AP points (regardless of win, lose, or surrender)
  2. In-game time: Approximately 10 AP points per minute
  3. Winning a match: Additional 50 AP points

Fastest Leveling Strategy

  1. First win of the day: Make sure to play at least one match every day to secure the 1,000 AP points bonus.
  2. Play Spike Rush: After completing your first win of the day, focus on playing Spike Rush matches. Spike Rush consists of only 4-6 rounds, making it the quickest game mode to earn AP points. The shorter match duration allows you to maximize your AP points earned per minute spent in-game.
  3. Aim for wins: While you earn AP points based on time spent in-game, winning a match grants you an extra 50 AP points. Winning Spike Rush matches consistently will help you accumulate AP points faster.

In comparison, playing Unrated matches can take 20 rounds or more to complete. By opting for Spike Rush, you can earn a similar amount of AP points for your time invested while having a higher chance of securing the additional 50 points for winning.

Follow this guide, and you'll be on your way to reaching level 20 in Valorant faster than ever before. Happy gaming!

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