How Fast Do Valorant Boosters Usually Boost?

September 18, 2023

In the constantly shifting landscape of online gaming, "boosting" has grown in prominence, especially within the dedicated fan base of the acclaimed game, Valorant. For newcomers, boosting pertains to a service wherein players pay professionals to amplify their in-game rank. So, how efficiently do these Valorant boosters operate? Let’s explore further.

How long does a typical boosting order last?

The time taken is generally at the discretion of the booster. Based on the starting point and the desired end rank, a boosting order might span a duration from mere hours to multiple days. For instance, boosting from Iron to Bronze might be swift, but ascending from Iron to Platinum can take significantly more time, given the rising challenge and expertise required. However, for expedited results, there's always the option to shell out more for priority treatment.

What is the utmost speed a single booster can achieve?

This is heavily reliant on the booster’s expertise. A highly skill player, particularly those in the game's high tiers, might rapidly climb the lower ranks. They could feasibly scale several ranks within a day, especially in the beginner elo brackets. Nevertheless, nearing the top ranks, advancement might decelerate due to stiffer competition or running into fellow boosters which can prolong and complicate matches. Ideally, a booster, under optimum conditions, might ascend 8 ranks daily, given they play non-stop for 24 hours and skip alternate ranks due to high MMR. A low MMR would render this unattainable.

What’s the record speed achievable with multiple boosters?

In 2023, the swiftest route to elevate an account involves one booster handling a standard Valorant boosting order while another manages a duo boosting assignment. Some boosting platforms offer "duo boosting",  a booster teams up with you. But, since only one member is an elite smurf, the progression speed tends to decelerate.

Which agents expedite the boosting process for boosters?

Agent selection can substantially dictate boosting velocity. Certain agents, owing to their dominance and significance in the existing game meta, can facilitate quicker wins. Agents such as Jett, Phoenix, and Reyna are frequently favored by boosters. Duelists, in general, are the go-to choice since their high elimination capacity and rapid damage infliction can tip the game balance rapidly, even before the mid-game phase.

Which game mode is optimal for boosting?

Competitive is the predominant choice for boosters since it directly modifies a player's rank. Although Valorant offers other game modes, the classic 5v5 Ranked match remains the top pick for Valorant boosting, attributed to its direct impact on a player's elo.

Which roles accelerate the boosting process?

Upon examining elo booster profiles for Valorant, the Initiator role emerges as the front-runner, succeeded by Duelists, followed by Controllers, Sentinels, and then Flex picks. Initiators possess the capability to alter the dynamics across the entire map, potentially hastening victory.

Do boosters lead opponents to surrender with superior gameplay?

Definitely! The difference between games played by boosters and a typical match in, say, Gold rank is stark. The prowess of a booster, especially in the lower ranks, can be so overpowering that it breaks the opponents' spirit, causing them to commit more errors, ultimately pushing them to surrender the game.


Boosting allows players an opportunity to match up with and against seasoned players, serving as an educational experience for some. Its popularity has surged as players view it as a shortcut to high tiers. This also gives veterans a platform to monetize their proficiency. However, like everything, it comes with its set of advantages and drawbacks. The crux is being informed about your choice and ensuring you liaise with a trustworthy service if you choose this path.

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