How Long Does The Boosting Process Typically Last?

June 18, 2024

If you're considering hiring a booster to improve your rank in a competitive game, one of the first questions you might have is how long the process will take. The answer depends on several factors, including the booster's skill level, your current rank, and the time of year.

Booster Proficiency and Daily Progress

A proficient booster can usually help you climb the ranks at a steady pace. On average, you can expect a skilled booster to bump you up by at least one division each day. For example, if you're currently in Bronze, a booster could help you reach Silver within a day or two. Don't know where to start? Look into our Valorant boosting options.Alternatively, a booster may focus on securing a certain number of wins per day. A typical target for a proficient booster is to achieve at least five wins daily. This consistent progress ensures that you'll see a significant improvement in your rank over a relatively short period.

Current Rank and Climbing Speed

The speed at which you can climb the ranks also depends on your current position. If you're in lower ranks like Iron or Bronze, the boosting process can be relatively quick. At these levels, a booster can often secure wins more easily and rapidly, allowing for a faster climb.However, as you reach higher ranks, the process may slow down. In more competitive tiers like Diamond or Immortal, matches become increasingly challenging, and progress may be slower. Boosters need to put in more effort and time to maintain a high win rate and ensure steady advancement.

Seasonal Timing and Boosting Challenges

The time of year can also impact the boosting process, particularly near the end of a competitive season. As the season draws to a close, many players make a final push to reach their desired rank. This increased competition can make it more difficult for boosters to secure wins consistently.In the Immortal rank, for example, the challenges are amplified during the last few weeks of the season. Players in this tier are often highly skilled and determined to climb even higher. As a result, boosters may face tougher opponents and more intense matches, potentially slowing down the boosting progress.

To sum it up

The duration of the boosting process can vary depending on the booster's proficiency, your current rank, and the time of year. While a skilled booster can typically help you climb by at least one division or secure five wins per day, the speed may fluctuate based on these factors.Lower ranks like Iron and Bronze can often be climbed quickly, but higher tiers such as Diamond and Immortal present more significant challenges, especially near the end of a competitive season. Nonetheless, with the help of a proficient booster, you can expect to see notable improvements in your rank within a reasonable timeframe.

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