Lack of Grindable Skins in Valorant

May 1, 2024

Do you like to grind in videogames? Do you think Valorant is missing an opportunity with this one? Well, let's discuss today's topic.

The community

Some players in the community have been saying that Valorant should take a page from Call of Duty's playbook and let us unlock skins or camos by hitting certain milestones, like racking up 1,000 kills or landing 100 headshots with a specific gun. Tons of players are totally down with this idea, 'cause they want a progression system that actually feels rewarding.

Skins for real money

Right now, if you want a dope skin in Valorant, you gotta shell out some cash in the in-game store. And let's be real, some of these skins can cost a pretty penny. Sure, they look hella cool, but not everyone's got that kind of dough to drop on virtual cosmetics. If we could grind for skins, it'd give players another way to deck out their weapons without breaking the bank.

Agent-specific gun skins

Now, Valorant does have a tiny taste of grindable skins with the agent-specific gun skins. You can unlock these by completing agent contracts and earning XP through gameplay. But let's be honest, these skins aren't nearly as lit as the premium ones in the store, and you're stuck with just one gun skin per agent. However, if Riot Games makes a ranked reward system and you'd like to climb the ranks stress-free, then check out these cheap duo carry options.

The grindable system

So, why hasn't Riot Games hooked us up with a full-blown grindable skin system? It's probably 'cause they're worried about losing out on these microtransactions. But a lot of players think that if they do it right, a grindable skin system could actually keep players engaged and coming back for more, which could mean even more cash for Riot in the long run.Plus, a grindable skin system would keep things feeling fresh and rewarding for players. Some folks are starting to feel like Valorant's getting a bit stale, and they need some new content to keep 'em hyped. Grindable skins could give players a sense of progress and accomplishment, making them wanna keep coming back for more.At the end of the day, it's up to Riot Games to decide if they wanna give us grindable skins in Valorant. The community's made it loud and clear that we want 'em, but the company's gotta weigh the pros and cons. But if they do it right, grindable skins could be a major win for everyone – players get a more rewarding experience, and the devs get to keep us hooked on their game.

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