Potential Changes to Valorant Agent Iso’s Invincibility Shield

May 31, 2024

Riot Games has confirmed that they plan to make changes to Valorant agent Iso's invincibility shield, aiming to make it more viable without becoming overpowered. As players and fans of the game, it's natural to wonder what adjustments could be made to achieve this balance. In this post, we'll explore some potential changes and discuss the community's thoughts on the matter.

The Delicate Balance of Invincibility:

One of the main challenges in buffing Iso's invincibility shield lies in the very nature of invincibility in a first-person shooter game. Increasing the number of hits the shield can take before breaking is a delicate task, as it could easily tip the balance and make the ability too powerful. Finding the right number of hits is crucial to maintain fair gameplay. If you've lost way too many games because of someone playing Iso, look into Duo Carry services to get your rank up in no time.

The Possibility of a Complete Rework:

Another option Riot could consider is a complete rework of the shield skill, reformulating its mechanics entirely. However, this approach comes with its own set of challenges. There's a concern that Riot may be hesitant to make significant changes to the duelists, fearing a repeat of the "Chamber Situation," where an agent becomes overpowered and dominates the meta.

Riot's Cautious Approach:

Riot's current approach to balancing seems to have shifted from their previous strategy. They are now implementing smaller, incremental buffs with each patch, rather than introducing major changes all at once. While this gradual approach may be frustrating for some players eager for immediate improvements, it is understandable given the complexity of balancing a competitive game like Valorant.

Community Suggestions:

The Valorant community has been actively discussing potential changes to Iso's invincibility shield. Some popular suggestions include:
  1. Making the shield move with Iso's hitbox, ensuring it remains effective even when crouched.
  2. Implementing small buffs consistently over multiple patches to avoid making Iso overpowered.
  3. Replacing the focus mode with an orb that appears after each kill, consuming an ability charge when shot.
  4. Reducing the shield's radius or removing its cooldown.
  5. Improving the shield's quality of life, such as having it follow Iso's model more closely or refreshing automatically without requiring an orb after a kill.


Balancing agents in a competitive game like Valorant is no easy feat, and Riot's cautious approach to buffing Iso's invincibility shield is understandable. While the community has put forth various suggestions, it remains to be seen which changes Riot will ultimately implement. As players, we can only hope that the adjustments made will enhance Iso's viability without compromising the game's overall balance. Until then, we eagerly await further updates from Riot and continue to enjoy the ever-evolving world of Valorant.

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