Reyna is a Failure of Game Design

May 10, 2024

A controversial figure: Reyna. While many players enjoy her abilities and playstyle, there are growing concerns that Reyna's design fails to teach players how to play the game properly. This post will explore the various ways in which Reyna's kit encourages bad habits and hinders player growth.

Reyna's Lack of Positioning Lessons:

One of the most crucial aspects of Valorant is learning proper positioning. However, Reyna's kit fails to teach this essential skill. In a scenario where a defender runs into a 1v5 situation, most agents would learn from their mistake and adjust their positioning accordingly. Reyna players, on the other hand, are more likely to attribute their failure to poor aim rather than poor positioning. This reinforces the idea that getting a kill is the only way to succeed, leading to Reyna players repeating the same mistakes without learning from them. If you main Reyna and wish to improve then look for cheap Duo Carry services. You can play with a pro Reyna main and learn directly from them.

Reyna's Unique Utility Usage:

Reyna is the only agent in Valorant with a castable blind that has no downsides for her teammates. This unique feature allows Reyna players to throw their blind anywhere without considering the consequences for their team. In contrast, other agents like Omen must be mindful of their teammates' positions when using their utility. This lack of teamplay consideration in Reyna's kit hinders players from learning the importance of coordinating with their team.

Reyna's Ultimate Ability:

Every ultimate ability in Valorant, except for Reyna's, has specific use case scenarios and potential downsides. Reyna's ultimate, however, can be used effectively on round start every time it's available without any disadvantages. This lack of complexity in her ultimate ability usage prevents Reyna players from learning the nuances of when and how to use ultimates effectively.

Reyna's Dismissal of Trade Opportunities:

Reyna's dismiss and heal mechanics allow her to cancel or heavily mitigate any trade opportunities presented to her enemies. In a scenario where Reyna secures a kill and is immediately swung by an enemy, she can heal and engage in the next fight with more health than before. This ability to negate the consequences of being tagged and easily traded out on low-hp removes the need for Reyna players to have a plan to disengage or reposition.

Final thoughts:

The consequences of Reyna's design are evident in the high number of Reyna mains in mid-high elo with poor game sense. While other players climb the ranks by learning effective utility usage, strategy, positioning, and teamwork, Reyna players often attribute their failures solely to poor aim. This lack of learning opportunities leaves Reyna players with underdeveloped game sense, hindering their overall growth as Valorant players.It is crucial for game designers to consider the long-term effects of agent abilities on player development. By creating agents that encourage learning and interaction with the complex systems and strategies of the game, designers can foster a more skilled and well-rounded player base. Reyna's design, while appealing to some, ultimately fails to provide equal learning opportunities and may be detrimental to the game's overall health.

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