Riot Games Unveiled: Duo Boosting Allowed in Valorant

September 15, 2023

What is Duo Boosting in Valorant?

Duo boosting, a term often heard in the realm of online gaming, implies the act of joining forces with another gamer, typically of a lower skill tier, to elevate their ranking or rating. The higher-ranked gamer, known as the "booster," leverages their superior skills to dominate matches, enabling the less skilled player to climb the competitive ladder. Such practices are familiar in games like "League of Legends" and "Dota 2," as well as shooter games like "Overwatch" and "CSGO"Duo boosting provides a golden chance for novices to hone and enhance their skills. Collaborating with a pro offers them insights into elite strategies, plays, and game mechanisms, proving vital for their gaming evolution. It equips them with a profound understanding of the game, molding them into stronger competitors over time. Through duo boosting, these budding players experience matches at rankings higher than their usual, helping them grasp the intensity and rhythm of top-tier gameplay. They may adjust their strategy to better compete with elite competition thanks to this priceless exposure. Duo boosting encourages cooperative gameplay, developing a sense of cohesion and cooperation. Gaming becomes a more social and entertaining activity as players may collaborate on strategies and celebrate wins. It might even open the door to long-term gaming friendships and collaborations.

Is Duo Boosting Permitted in Valorant?

The company that created Valorant, Riot Games, has taken an impartial stance on duo boosting. They have neither formally supported or condemned this conduct. Duo boosting essentially simulates the act of teaming up with a friend who is ranked higher for a real match.Valorant offers a feature that permits players to team up with buddies for competitive matches, irrespective of ranking disparities. Within this context, duo boosting is merely an optimal use of this feature to enhance one's standing. Crucially, Riot Games hasn't sanctioned gamers for duo boosting since it mandates players to actively engage in matches; thus, no game rules are flouted. Players' prowess and game insight remain pivotal to the game's trajectory, preserving the essence of the game that champions skill, strategy, and team spirit.

How Widespread is Duo Boosting in Valorant?

In the competitive gaming scene, duo boosting is rapidly gaining traction, vying with solo boosting in terms of popularity. While the allure of solo boosting persists, it essentially sidelines the player from the action. This has driven many to opt for the more participatory duo boosting. Much like solo boosting, duo boosting can yield similar returns in rank elevation and gameplay enrichment. The distinct edge here is the player's active role. Engaging in Duo or Duo boosting compels the player to ally with a top-tier gamer and significantly influence match outcomes. This participatory dimension is not only engaging but also instructional, introducing players to advanced tactics, choices, and gameplay. This first hand experience can be transformative, empowering players to not only enjoy a rank boost but also a skill upliftment. Consequently, duo boosting presents an enticing alternative to solo boosting that player engagement and growth. Immersing themselves with and learning from elite gamers, players might discover their gameplay and rankings both get a significant lift, culminating in a richer and more genuine Valorant experience.

Riot's Formal Position on Duo Boosting

Let us sum up by saying that Riot Games has not yet given their opinion on duo boosting in Valorant. Their lack of response suggests that they are giving their implicit approval. Duo boosting does not violate any gaming fundamentals or regulations while taking into account Valorant's in-game duo queue feature. Valorant's strategy-heavy design and competitive attitude consistently motivate players to work with more experienced players in order to raise their rank.

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