Skill Gap Between Low-Elo Ranks in Valorant: Is There a Need for a New Rank?

May 6, 2024

Ranking systems play a crucial role in matchmaking and determining a player's skill level. Valorant currently has a ranking system that spans from Iron to Radiant. However, some players, particularly those in the lower ranks, have expressed concerns about the significant skill gaps between certain ranks.

The Skill Gap in Low-Elo Ranks:

Many players in the lower ranks of Valorant, specifically Iron, Bronze, Silver, and Gold, have observed a substantial difference in skill between these ranks. While high-elo players often argue that these ranks are all the same, the reality is quite different. Players who have been stuck in high-Silver for an extended period often find themselves dominating Silver lobbies but struggling when matched against Gold players. The sudden jump in skill level can be frustrating and hinder a player's learning and enjoyment of the game.If you find yourself stuck in low elo and can't seem to improve - look for cheap Duo Carry services. These can help you learn and climb the ranks in no time.

Factors Contributing to the Skill Gap:

Several factors contribute to the noticeable skill gap between Silver and Gold ranks. Smurfing, where higher-ranked players create new accounts to play in lower ranks, is a common issue that can skew the skill distribution. Additionally, the act reset system, which places players in lower ranks at the start of each act, can temporarily create a situation where high-elo players are matched against lower-ranked players. These factors can make it challenging for genuine low-elo players to climb the ranks and improve their skills.

The Case for a New Rank:

Introducing a new rank between Silver and Gold could help bridge the skill gap and provide a smoother progression for players. This new rank would serve as an intermediate step, allowing players to gradually improve their skills and adapt to the increasing difficulty. It would also create a more balanced matchmaking experience, reducing the frequency of one-sided matches where players feel outclassed or overwhelmed.

Community Opinions:

The idea of adding a new rank has garnered mixed reactions from the Valorant community. Some players argue that the skill gap between Silver and Gold is not as significant as it may seem and that players need to focus on making small improvements to their gameplay to overcome this hurdle. Others believe that a new rank could help alleviate the frustration and provide a more rewarding climbing experience for low-elo players.

Riot's Perspective:

Riot Games has previously made adjustments to the ranking system, such as introducing the Ascendant rank between Diamond and Immortal. The decision to add a new rank ultimately depends on the data and feedback collected by Riot. If the numbers indicate a significant skill disparity and the community strongly advocates for a change, Riot may consider implementing a new rank in the future.

To sum it up:

The skill gap between Silver and Gold ranks in Valorant has been a topic of discussion among players, especially those in the lower ranks. While opinions vary, introducing a new rank could potentially address the issue and provide a more gradual and balanced progression for players. However, it's important to remember that individual improvement and focusing on fundamental skills remain crucial for climbing the ranks, regardless of the ranking system in place. As the game evolves, Riot Games will continue to monitor the situation and make necessary adjustments to ensure a fair and enjoyable competitive experience for all players.

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