Twitch Streamer CrazNeax Leaves Valorant After Facing Poor Treatment

June 5, 2024

Popular Singaporean Twitch streamer CrazNeax has announced his decision to stop creating content for Valorant following a disappointing experience with Riot Games and their marketing agency. CrazNeax, known for his entertaining VOD reviews and coaching style that has helped numerous low elo players rank up, shared his story in a viral TikTok video that has garnered over 150,000 views in just 3 hours.The incident occurred in the lead-up to the exclusive early access event for Valorant, which began after the VCT Masters Shanghai Finals. CrazNeax was contacted by one of Riot's marketing agencies and invited to participate in the event. He was told to announce his participation to his viewers and was assured that he would receive access to his account before the early access began. However, on the day of the event, both Riot and the marketing agency ghosted him, failing to reply to any of his emails and leaving him in the dark.This left CrazNeax in an awkward position, having to apologize to his eagerly waiting viewers. The mistreatment was not an isolated incident, as CrazNeax mentioned knowing another creator who had faced similar issues twice in a row. The lack of communication and support from Riot and their agency proved to be the final straw for CrazNeax, who expressed his burnout and decision to leave Valorant to focus on creating content for other games.The community in Asia has been left shocked by the mistreatment of small creators like CrazNeax. As one of the biggest active Valorant streamers in Singapore, his departure is a significant loss for the game's content creation scene. The incident has raised concerns about how Riot and their partners handle relationships with smaller creators, and many hope that this was simply a technical mix-up rather than a reflection of deeper issues.CrazNeax eventually received access on the last day of the early access event but faced difficulties finding lobbies due to the admins in the private Discord server not assigning him his region role. Despite showcasing the new map and agent changes on his stream, he reaffirmed his decision to prioritize other games over Valorant. CrazNeax expressed his hope that both Riot and the marketing agency would learn from this mistake and ensure that no other content creator experiences similar mistreatment in the future.The incident has sparked a broader discussion about the treatment of content creators by game developers and their partners. As the gaming industry continues to grow, it is crucial that companies recognize the value of smaller creators and foster positive relationships with them to maintain a thriving and diverse content creation ecosystem.

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