Valorant Least Loved Agents Among Elo Boosters

September 17, 2023

Valorant, known for its expansive agent pool, sees fluctuations in agent preferences among players. But when we look at the world of elo boosters, patterns begin to emerge on the most favored picks. Let’s talk about the mysteries behind the least played agents and dive into the preferences of boosters.

Why are there less played agents among boosters?

Boosters are aiming for efficiency. They want to win fast and move on to the next game. Agents that are not built for quick takedowns or high damage outputs can slow down this process. This particularly affects roles like support or control agents. As highlighted, agents that don’t offer the ability to solo carry a round or dish out unexpected damage become less favorable. Support agents can still shine, but only if they deal hefty damage like Raze or Phoenix.

How do the unpopular picks stack up against boosters favorites?

From the data we have gathered, it's clear that boosters gravitate towards certain roles more than others, with duelists and initiators being the top two. Agents such as Jett, Reyna, and Phoenix are among the favorites. These agents have the potential to control the pace of the game, solo sites, and snowball really hard, making it hard for the enemy team to regain control of the match.

Could reworks and buffs be the key to the unplayed agents' comeback?

Valorant is an ever-evolving game. Agents undergo reworks and buffs regularly. If the less chosen agents receive significant buffs, we might see a shift in booster preferences. An agent's viability can change overnight with just one patch.

Is there an economic reason behind boosters' agent preferences?

Yes, there is. Time is money for boosters. Picking agents that can close out rounds quickly and efficiently means they can take on more clients. This is why high damage and fast takedown agents, mainly from the duelist and initiator roles, as we said before, are the go-to for a big part of boosters.

What do top elo boosters really think about the less chosen agents?

The data suggests that boosters prioritize agents that have a clear strategy and are also playable with a significantly high ping since a lot of boosters have to play on different servers for their clients. It’s not that they necessarily dislike the less chosen agents; they just prefer agents that align with their Valorant boosting objectives.

Are there unsung heroes successfully boosting with least played agents?

Certainly! There will always be outliers. Some boosters might be incredibly skilled with less popular agents, especially OTPs, using the element of surprise to their advantage. After all, playing against a rarely picked agent can throw off the enemy team.

Could playing less popular agents be a secret weapon in Valorant?

Absolutely. When an enemy team faces an agent they're not used to playing against, it can give the team using the less popular agent a significant advantage, just imagine how much power can have a booster while playing something that low elo players aren’t used to! Predictability can be a weakness in Valorant. While the data clearly points towards certain agents and roles being more favored by boosters, it doesn’t mean the less chosen ones are weak or ineffective. Every agent has its strengths and can shine in the right hands!

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