Valorant Top 5 Winrate Champions

April 2, 2024

In the competitive world of Valorant, choosing the right agent can make all the difference between victory and defeat. With the introduction of new agents and constant updates to the meta, it's essential to stay informed about which characters are currently dominating the ranks. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the top 5 highest winrate agents in Valorant. 

Clove (53.86% winrate)

Clove has taken the Valorant community by storm, boasting an impressive 53.5% winrate in ranked play. Her versatile kit allows her to excel in various situations, making her a valuable asset to any team. Clove's healing ability enables her to take multiple fights at full health and armor, giving her a significant advantage in pistol rounds. Additionally, her unique smoke ability can be deployed even after she has been eliminated, allowing her to have a posthumous impact on the game.Clove's ultimate is another standout feature, granting her the ability to aggressively push down lanes without fear of removing herself from the round. If she survives, she can continue to use her ultimate in subsequent rounds, making her a formidable opponent. While her decay ability may not be as overpowered as the rest of her kit, it still serves as a valuable piece of utility. With Clove's introduction, the meta has shifted, and players are quickly learning to utilize her strengths to secure victories.Stuck in low elo even if you play Clove? Bad and toxic teammates every game? Check out our duo carry options to ensure yourself a pleasant game with a pro.

Reyna (50.99% winrate)

Reyna has consistently been one of the highest winrate agents in Valorant, thanks to her ability to dismiss after securing a kill and overheal. This allows her to quickly reposition and maintain pressure on the enemy team. Reyna's kit is designed for aggressive playstyles, making her a popular choice among players who excel at fragging. Her ultimate ability, which grants her increased firing speed, reload speed, and invisibility, can be a game-changer in clutch situations.Reyna's dismiss ability allows her to quickly disengage from fights and reposition, making her difficult to pin down. Her overheal ability enables her to maintain a health advantage over her opponents, which can be crucial in winning duels. Reyna's flash ability, Leer, can be used to blind enemies and set up favorable engagements. When played aggressively, Reyna can be a nightmare for the enemy team, constantly applying pressure and securing kills.

Phoenix (50.60% winrate)

Phoenix is a well-rounded agent with a kit that allows him to create space and sustain himself in fights. His flame wall and flash abilities can be used to force enemies out of position or to set up favorable engagements. Phoenix's healing ability, combined with his ultimate, which grants him a second life, makes him a durable and reliable choice for players who like to play aggressively.Phoenix's ultimate, Run it Back, is a unique ability that allows him to push aggressively without fear of death. If he is killed during his ultimate, he will be resurrected at the location where he activated it, making him a formidable opponent in clutch situations. Phoenix's molotov ability, Hot Hands, can be used to clear corners or to deny areas to the enemy team. His flash ability, Curveball, can be used to blind enemies and set up kills for himself or his teammates.

Sage (50.51% winrate)

Sage is a crucial support agent in Valorant, with her healing and resurrection abilities. She can keep her teammates in the fight and even bring them back from the brink of defeat. Sage's wall ability can be used to block off key choke points or to create safe passages for her team. Her slow orb can be used to delay enemy pushes or to set up kills for her teammates.Sage's healing ability, Heal, can be used to restore health to herself or her teammates, making her a valuable asset in long, drawn-out fights. Her resurrection ability, Resurrection, can bring a fallen teammate back into the fight, which can be a game-changer in close matches. Sage's ultimate ability, Resurrection, has a long cooldown but can be a pivotal moment in a match if used correctly.

Cypher (50.50% winrate)

Cypher is an essential agent for gathering information and setting up defensive fortifications. His camera allows him to keep an eye on key areas of the map, while his trapwire can be used to detect enemy movements and set up kills. Cypher's ultimate ability reveals the location of all enemy players, which can be a game-changer in clutch situations. A skilled Cypher player can be the backbone of a strong defensive setup.Cypher's camera, Spycam, can be placed in strategic locations to gather information on enemy movements and positions. His trapwire, Trapwire, can be used to detect enemy pushes and alert his team to potential threats. Cypher's cage ability, Cyber Cage, can be used to slow down enemies and set up kills for his teammates. His ultimate ability, Neural Theft, reveals the location of all enemy players, which can be used to make informed decisions and coordinate team plays. In final words, while all agents in Valorant have their strengths and weaknesses, these five agents currently boast the highest winrates in ranked play. Clove, the newest addition to the roster, has quickly become a dominant force, thanks to her versatile kit and unique abilities. As the meta continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how these agents perform and whether new strategies will emerge to counter their strengths. Regardless, players who master these agents will surely have a competitive edge in their climb up the ranks.Would like to know more about us and our services? Visit our About Us page.

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