Valorant’s Communication Wheel Overhaul Sparks Controversy Among Players

June 19, 2024

Valorant's latest update has brought significant changes to the communication wheel, leaving many players baffled and frustrated. The popular "Let's Rotate" command has been removed entirely, while "Be Quiet" has been replaced with "Let's Play Slow." These alterations have raised questions among the player base, with many wondering if anyone actually requested these changes.

The removal

The removal of the "Let's Rotate" command has been particularly jarring for players who relied on it as a quick and efficient way to communicate with their teammates. Many players had developed muscle memory for this command, and its absence has led to confusion and miscommunication during crucial moments in the game.Players have also expressed their disappointment with the replacement of "Be Quiet" with "Let's Play Slow." Some argue that the new command fails to convey the same meaning and urgency as its predecessor. The change has left players struggling to adapt to the new communication wheel, as they find themselves accidentally encouraging their teammates instead of conveying important strategic information.The introduction of the "Encourage" button in place of "Let's Rotate" has been met with disbelief by many players. They argue that the new command is far less useful and relevant to the fast-paced nature of Valorant gameplay. Some have even suggested that the change was made to push players towards using their microphones for communication, rather than relying on the communication wheel.

New additions

Despite the criticism, some players have found a silver lining in the update. The addition of the "Nice Try" command has been praised for its potential to boost team morale and sportsmanship. However, this small positive aspect has been overshadowed by the overwhelmingly negative response to the communication wheel changes.Players have also pointed out the importance of the communication wheel for those who may not feel comfortable using their microphones due to social anxiety or language barriers. The changes have made it more difficult for these players to effectively communicate with their teammates, potentially putting them at a disadvantage. Can't win in ranked because of trolls? Our cheap Duo Carry services will help you gain your RP back in no time.As the Valorant community continues to voice their concerns and frustrations, many are calling for Riot Games to reconsider these changes. Some have suggested implementing a customizable communication wheel, allowing players to tailor their commands to their specific needs and playstyles.It remains to be seen how Riot Games will respond to the backlash surrounding the communication wheel changes. As players adapt to the new system, they can only hope that their feedback will be heard and that future updates will prioritize the needs and preferences of the Valorant community.

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