Why You Can’t Play All Maps in Unrated and Swiftplay?

June 1, 2024

Valorant has been facing criticism from its player base regarding the limited map rotation in its unrated and swiftplay modes. Many players have expressed their frustration with the game becoming stale and boring due to the lack of variety in the available maps. In this post, we'll explore the reasons behind this decision and the community's reaction to it.

The Current Situation:

As of Episode 8, Riot Games removed out-of-queue maps from the unrated and swiftplay modes, leaving players with a limited selection of maps to play on. This change has affected not only the casual game modes but also spike rush, which has become less exciting for many players.

The Pro Player Perspective:

One of the primary reasons behind the limited map rotation is to align the game with the competitive scene. Riot Games has prioritized the experience of professional players, ensuring that they can focus on mastering the maps that are currently in the competitive rotation. However, this decision has left many casual players feeling neglected and disconnected from the pro scene.Have you ever wished to play and learn with a pro? Then check out these cheap Duo Carry services and make your dream come true.

Community Reactions:

The Valorant community has been vocal about their dissatisfaction with the current map rotation system. Many players argue that the game has too few maps to begin with, and limiting the rotation further only exacerbates the issue. Some have suggested that Riot Games should prioritize the experience of the majority of players rather than catering solely to the professional scene.

Potential Solutions:

Several ideas have been proposed by the community to address the issue of limited map rotation. One suggestion is to introduce a map-specific queue system, allowing players to select the maps they want to play on. Another idea is to rotate all maps in the unrated and swiftplay modes, even if they are not part of the competitive rotation. This would give players more variety and help them learn all the maps, even if they are not currently featured in professional play.

Final words:

The debate over map rotation in Valorant's unrated and swiftplay modes has highlighted the divide between the priorities of casual players and the competitive scene. While Riot Games' decision to limit the map pool aligns with their focus on professional play, it has left many players feeling disconnected and frustrated with the lack of variety. As the community continues to voice their concerns, it remains to be seen whether Riot Games will address these issues and find a solution that satisfies both casual and competitive players alike.

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