Easiest way to reach Platinum rank in Valorant

April 6, 2024

For many Valorant players, reaching the coveted Platinum rank is a significant milestone. As someone who started their FPS journey with Valorant, I want to share my experience of climbing from Iron 1 to Platinum 1 within a year. This post will outline the key strategies and techniques that helped me overcome challenges and improve my gameplay.

Starting Out:

When I first began playing Valorant in Act 1 Episode 2, I faced numerous obstacles. I was playing on a laggy notebook with slow internet speeds and a subpar mouse. These technical limitations, coupled with my lack of FPS experience, made it challenging to perform well and contribute to my team. However, a breakthrough came when I upgraded to a PC with a 144Hz monitor, which significantly improved my gameplay experience.

Mastering Agents:

One of the crucial steps in my journey was focusing on mastering specific agents rather than playing a variety of them. I chose to main Cypher and Reyna, dedicating time to learning their abilities and playstyles. For Cypher, I crafted unpredictable tripwire setups and utilized Cages to make it harder for enemies to counter. As Reyna, I focused on playing hyper-aggressively and applying basic fundamentals like dismissing to safety after aggro-peeking.

Training Routines:

To further improve my skills, I established a consistent training routine. I used Aim Lab to practice tasks like flicking, speed, precision, and tracking, following professional player ScreaM's routine. Through daily practice, I reached the top 99.41% in playtime and achieved the rank of Master II on Aim Lab. However, I fully understand that climbing through the ranks is a very time consuming project. Which is why I recommend players to reach out for help and get their rank quicker. Explore our duo carry services, play and learn with a pro by your side.

Crosshair Placement:

Proper crosshair placement is essential for success in Valorant. By aligning my crosshair with the y-axis of in-game elements like boxes and lines on walls, I developed the habit of keeping my crosshair at head level. This technique, combined with good communication and game sense, allowed me to minimize the need for flicking and improve my accuracy.

Adapting Setups:

As I progressed through the ranks, I realized that standard tripwire setups became too predictable. To counter this, I invested time in custom lobbies, studying professional players' setups, and incorporating one-way setups. Adapting my playstyle and constantly seeking guidance from higher-ranked friends helped me refine my techniques and identify areas for improvement.

Mindset and Pacing:

Maintaining a positive mindset and playing at an enjoyable pace were crucial factors in my climb. I limited myself to a maximum of four games per day to avoid burnout and ensure quality over quantity. Additionally, I focused on being team-oriented, prioritizing my role as a Sentinel rather than solely focusing on fragging.

Viper's Rise:

With the buffing of Viper in Patch 2.06, I began maining her alongside Cypher. Learning Viper lineups for post-plant situations and utilizing one-way smoke setups became instrumental in securing rounds. By studying professional Viper players and incorporating lurking strategies, I gained a competitive edge.

Mathematics and Gimmick Strats:

To compensate for my lack of mechanical skill compared to higher-ranked players, I relied on mathematics and gimmick strategies. Timing abilities, studying trajectories, and memorizing rotations allowed me to outsmart opponents. When facing tough matches, employing unconventional strategies helped disrupt the enemy's momentum and buy time for my team.

In final words:

 Reaching Platinum 1 in Valorant as a first-time FPS player was a challenging but rewarding journey. By focusing on agent mastery, consistent training, adaptability, and a positive mindset, I managed to climb the ranks and improve my gameplay. Remember, it's not about the number of kills you get, but rather the impact you have on the game. Stay kind to your teammates, learn from your mistakes, and most importantly, enjoy the process. If I can make it to Platinum, so can you! Got questions about us or our services? Visit our FAQ page.

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