Falling in Abyss Can Give Your Opponents Ult Orbs

June 9, 2024

In VALORANT, there are certain locations on maps where players can take fall damage and even die from falling. While this may seem like a minor gameplay mechanic, a recent discovery has highlighted an important strategic consideration - if an opponent has already dealt damage to you, deliberately falling to your death will actually grant that opponent an ultimate orb.This means that in situations where you are heavily damaged and unlikely to win a fight, simply jumping off the map to deny the enemy the satisfaction of the kill is not actually the optimal play. Counterintuitively, allowing yourself to be finished off by the Spike explosion is preferable from a pure gameplay perspective, as this will not award ultimate points to the opposing team.It's also worth noting that the player who jumps off the map does not seem to receive an ultimate orb themselves for the death. So there is essentially no upside to deliberately eliminating yourself via fall damage if you've already been tagged by an enemy.The maps where this scenario can occur include spots like the towers on Fracture, the shipping crate boosts on Icebox, jumping from A Heaven on Haven, and a few tricky boosts on Ascent. Realistically though, during normal gameplay the most common instances will likely be Haven A and the back site of B on the old Split map.Some have joked that this knowledge could lead to new eco round strats, where a team stacks up and jumps to their deaths if the enemy team rushes the other site. But deliberately feeding ultimate orbs still seems very questionable. If you keep getting trolls in your games and cant rank up - look for cheap Duo Carry services. Get your RP back in no time.The bottom line is this - if you're in a no-win scenario and looking to die to the Spike or fall damage to avoid giving up a kill, be aware that you may still be handing the opposing team an advantage in the form of extra ultimate points. Sometimes there are no great options, but making the optimal choice requires understanding these nuanced mechanics. Hopefully this PSA helps inform your decision-making in those clutch situations!

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