Which Are The Best Picks For Each Map in Valorant?

May 30, 2024

Breeze and Sunset are two maps in Valorant that have been causing a lot of frustration among players. With their unique layouts and challenging angles, it can be difficult to determine the best agent picks for these maps. In this post, we will explore the opinions of Valorant players and discuss the most effective agent selections for Breeze and Sunset.


When it comes to Breeze, many players agree that Jett and Clove are solid picks. Jett's mobility allows her to navigate the open spaces of the map efficiently, while Clove's smokes can help control key areas. However, some argue that Viper is the only viable controller on Breeze, with Harbor being a potential alternative. Sova is also considered a must-pick for his recon abilities.Cypher and Chamber are often debated as the best sentinel picks for Breeze. While Cypher's tripwires can be incredibly effective at shutting down certain areas, Chamber's aggressive playstyle and teleportation ability make him a strong contender. Ultimately, the choice between the two may depend on the team's overall strategy and playstyle.


On Sunset, explosive agents like Raze and Omen are popular choices for creating space and initiating fights. Clove's smokes can also be useful for controlling chokepoints. However, many players emphasize the importance of having a Cypher on this map. Cypher's tripwires and surveillance abilities are extremely oppressive on Sunset's tight chokes, making him a crucial pick.Jett and Raze are both strong duelist options on Sunset, with Raze's grenades being particularly effective at destroying Cypher's utility. The remaining slots can be filled with a second duelist or an initiator, depending on the team's preferences.

The Importance of Meta Agents:

While some players may prefer to stick with agents they are comfortable with, it's important to recognize the strength of meta agents on specific maps. These agents are considered meta for a reason - they have abilities that are particularly well-suited to the map's layout and playstyle.Learning to play at least one or two meta agents for each map can greatly improve a team's chances of success. Even if you don't main these agents, having a basic understanding of their smokes and utility can make a significant difference in gameplay. And if you need help learning new agents or maps, look into Duo Carry services. These can be great for you.

In final words:

Choosing the right agents for Breeze and Sunset can be a challenging task, but by considering the opinions of experienced players and understanding the strengths of meta agents, teams can optimize their compositions for these maps. Remember, adapting to the map and playing agents that synergize well with the team's strategy is key to success in Valorant.

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