Will Boosting Make Me a More Skillful Player in Valorant?

June 23, 2024

Playing Valorant in a Duo Carry with a skilled partner or buying a boost can be an effective way to rank up and improve your own abilities in the game. Don't know where to start? Check out our cheap Duo Carry and Solo Boosting options.Generally speaking, these can make you a more skillful player for several reasons:
  1. More consistent teammate skill level: When solo queuing, the skill and game knowledge of your randomly assigned teammates can vary wildly from match to match. This inconsistency makes it difficult to improve, as you are constantly adapting to different team dynamics and can't rely on your teammates to play their roles properly. In a duo, you can queue with a partner whose skill level and playstyle complement your own, allowing you both to perform your best.
  2. Improved communication and synergy: Effective communication is crucial in Valorant. Duo queuing allows you to play with someone you know and can communicate well with. You'll be able to make callouts, coordinate utility usage, plan strategies, and synergize your agent abilities more effectively than with random teammates. Consistently playing with the same partner also allows you to build chemistry and refine your teamwork.
  3. Chance to play in higher ranked lobbies: Players often find themselves stuck in lower ranks than their actual skill level due to inconsistent teammate performance weighing them down. For example, if you have the game sense and mechanical skill of a Platinum player but are hardstuck in Gold, duo queuing with another high-Gold/low-Platinum player gives you the chance to play in lobbies more suited to your skill level. Facing tougher competition forces you to play your best and is one of the quickest ways to identify your weaknesses and improve.
  4. Avoid toxic teammates: Duo queuing ensures you'll have at least one reliable, non-toxic teammate to play with. Toxicity is rampant in online gaming and can ruin the experience and hinder improvement. Having a friendly partner helps combat the impact of hostile teammates.

However, it's important to keep some things in mind:

  • Duo queuing isn't a magic fix for climbing rank. You still need to focus on your fundamentals, agent mastery, and teamwork. Think of duoing as a way to enhance your improvement, not replace it.
  • Don't become overly dependent on your duo partner. Make sure you can still perform on your own in solo queue as well.

To sum it up:

Boosting in Valorant is an excellent way to improve your abilities and climb the competitive ladder. It allows you to play in an environment more suited to your skill level against tougher opponents and alongside a teammate you can rely on and synergize with. Just make sure to still focus on your individual improvement as well.

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