Will Neon Become The Meta?

June 21, 2024

Riot Games recently introduced a series of buffs to Neon, a fast-paced agent in the popular tactical shooter game. These changes have sparked a heated debate among the gaming community about whether Neon will now become a dominant force in the meta. In this blog post, we'll explore the specifics of the buffs and discuss their potential impact on gameplay.

The Buffs:

  1. Faster gun equip time after sliding: Neon can now pull out her gun just 0.2 seconds after sliding, making her a formidable force in close-range engagements.
  2. No accuracy penalty after sliding: Neon's accuracy is no longer impacted negatively after sliding, allowing her to maintain precision while on the move.
  3. Two charges for her slide ability: Neon now has two charges for her slide, giving her increased mobility and outplay potential.
  4. Faster stun activation: Neon's stun ability now activates more quickly, making it easier for her to catch opponents off-guard.

Potential Meta Shifts:

With these significant buffs, many players believe that Neon could become a top-tier pick, either on her own or in combination with other agents like Breach, who can break Cypher's trips and blind enemies. Neon's enhanced mobility and ability to quickly engage in fights could make her a nightmare for opponents, especially those with lower sensitivity settings.Some players predict that Neon could even push Jett out of the meta, becoming the second most valuable duelist in the game. However, others argue that Neon's success will still heavily depend on the skill of the player, as her abilities require precise usage to be effective.

Concerns and Counterplay:

While the buffs have generated excitement among Neon mains, there are also concerns about the potential for overpowered gameplay. Some worry that Neon may now be too difficult to counter, particularly in lower ranks where players may struggle to adapt to her fast-paced playstyle.However, it's important to note that certain agents, such as Cypher, can still pose a significant threat to Neon. Additionally, some players suggest that weapons like the Ares or Odin could be effective in countering Neon's movement.If you going to be unable to counter Neon in ranked, one good way to get your points back is solo or duo boosting. We all need a little bit of help sometimes.

In final words:

The recent buffs to Neon have certainly shaken up the conversation around the agent meta. While it remains to be seen just how dominant Neon will become, it's clear that these changes have the potential to significantly impact gameplay at all levels. As players continue to experiment with Neon's new capabilities, it will be fascinating to see how the meta evolves and what strategies emerge to counter her strengths. One thing is for sure: the rise of Neon has injected a fresh dose of excitement and unpredictability into the game.

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