Countering the Odin Meta in Valorant: Strategies for Low-Rank Players

May 28, 2024

In a recent competitive match on Ascent, I faced a challenging situation when the entire enemy team decided to use the Odin, a powerful machine gun, to dominate the game. The score was 10-6, and I found myself in a miserable situation, seeking advice on how to counter this strategy effectively, especially at lower ranks where aim and skill may not be as refined.

Prefire Common Angles:

One effective way to counter the Odin is to prefire common angles. By placing your crosshair at head level (or body level if they crouch) and jiggle peeking into a prefire, you can catch the enemy off-guard and secure kills before they have a chance to spray you down with the Odin. This technique requires good crosshair placement and timing, but it can be a reliable way to counter the Odin's oppressive firepower.

Utilize Abilities from Safe Positions:

Another approach is to use your agent's abilities from safe positions. Lineups and other utility can be used to force the enemy out of their camping spots or to deny them vision, making it harder for them to effectively use the Odin. This strategy allows you to apply pressure without directly engaging in a firefight, giving you an advantage in the round.

Hold Angles and Avoid Peeking:

At lower ranks, where aim may not be as precise, holding angles can be an effective way to counter the Odin. The Odin is not ideal for peeking, as its heavy recoil and slow movement speed make it difficult to quickly clear angles. By holding an angle and waiting for the enemy to push, you can catch them in a disadvantageous position and secure the kill.

Exploit the Odin's Weaknesses:

The Odin has some weaknesses that you can exploit to your advantage. Peeking with an Odin is challenging due to its recoil and slow movement speed. Additionally, the Odin has a lengthy reload time, which can leave the user vulnerable. By baiting out the Odin's shots and forcing a reload, you can create an opportunity to push and secure kills while they are unable to fight back.

Rotate and Avoid Spammed Angles:

If you know an angle is being heavily spammed by an Odin, it's best to avoid it altogether. Rotate to a different part of the map and find alternative routes to catch the enemy off-guard. By not engaging in a direct fight against the Odin, you can minimize your exposure and increase your chances of survival. You can always get help from a pro if you're not sure about your moves in the game. Check out these cheap Duo Carry services.

Fight Fire with Fire:

As a last resort, you can consider purchasing an Odin yourself to level the playing field. While it may not be the most skilled approach, fighting fire with fire can help you compete against a team heavily relying on the Odin. However, it's important to remember that this strategy should be used sparingly and not as a permanent solution.

To sum it up:

Countering the Odin meta at lower ranks in Valorant can be challenging, but it's not impossible. By utilizing prefires, abilities, holding angles, exploiting weaknesses, rotating, and even fighting fire with fire, you can increase your chances of success against a team heavily relying on the Odin. Remember, the key is to adapt your playstyle, be patient, and capitalize on the opportunities that arise when the enemy is vulnerable.

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