Maximum RR per ranked match in Valorant

April 12, 2024

As a competitive Valorant player, your ultimate goal is to climb the ranks and prove your skill. However, the ranking system in Valorant, with its combination of visible rank (e.g. Silver, Gold, etc.) and hidden MMR, can sometimes feel opaque and frustrating. In this post, we'll dive into some strategies to help you maximize your Rank Rating (RR) gains per match and reach your full potential.

Understanding the Ranking System

Before we get into specific tips, it's important to understand how Valorant's ranking system works. Your visible rank is essentially a simplified representation of your hidden MMR. MMR is what the system uses for matchmaking - it's a more granular measure of your skill that can go up or down based on your performance, regardless of whether you win or lose.The key takeaway is that your MMR is what really matters for climbing. If you perform well consistently, your MMR will increase, and your visible rank will eventually catch up. However, there can often be a discrepancy between the two, which is why you sometimes see players in lobbies outside their visible rank.

Focus on Individual Performance

One of the best ways to maximize your RR gains is to focus on your individual performance each match. The system takes into account various factors like your K/D/A, combat score, average damage per round, and more. Aim to consistently frag out and make high-impact plays.This is especially important if you're playing at a rank lower than your MMR. Let's say you're a Gold player who's been placed in Silver after a tough loss streak. If you drop 30 bombs and dominate your lobbies, the system will quickly recognize that you don't belong in Silver and accelerate your RR gains to help you climb back to your true rank.Of course, don't get so kill-hungry that you bait your teammates or make poor decisions. The best performances strike a balance between fragging out and playing smart, supportive Valorant.

Play Lots of Games

Consistency is key for any competitive climb. You may have pop-off games here and there, but to really prove to the system that you deserve a higher rank, you need to perform well across many games.Don't stress too much over short-term losses. If you're playing at a high level, your MMR will reflect that over time. Think of your visible rank as a lagging indicator - it will always be a bit behind your MMR, but it will trend towards it in the long run.Play with a high skilled player. For example, get a duo carry. This is cheap and safe, works on every server. You can get some awesome discounts too.

Ignore Visible Ranks in Your Games

One trap many players fall into is getting too caught up in the visible ranks of their teammates and opponents. You'll often see threads complaining about "unbalanced" matches, like Silvers in Plat lobbies or Diamonds queueing against Golds.In reality, the matchmaker does a very good job of creating fair matches based on MMR. That Silver player in your Plat lobby likely has a high MMR and is in the process of ranking up. Don't assume they're worse just because of their badge.On the flip side, don't get intimidated when you queue into higher ranked players. Focus on your own gameplay and trust that the system has put you in that lobby for a reason. An underdog win against higher ranks can be a massive boon for your MMR.

To sum it up

 Gaining RR in Valorant is ultimately about performing consistently at a high level. Play your best each game, focus on your individual impact, and let your MMR speak for itself. Treat your visible rank as just a cosmetic - in the long run, your true skill will shine through.With patience, practice, and a growth mindset, you're well-equipped to maximize your RR gains and reach the ranks you've always dreamed of. Stay humble, stay hungry, and keep grinding. You've got this!Visit our FAQ page to learn more about our services.

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