Agents for Players with Bad Aim in Valorant

May 2, 2024

For players who struggle with their aim in Valorant, choosing the right agent can make a significant difference in their performance and overall enjoyment of the game. While improving aim is always a worthwhile goal, certain agents offer unique abilities that can help compensate for less-than-perfect shooting skills. In this post, we'll explore some of the best agent options for players who want to contribute to their team's success without relying solely on their aim.

Neon: The Speedy Support

Neon is an excellent choice for players who want to focus on supporting their team. With her ability to run quickly and cover ground, Neon can easily reposition herself and her teammates, making it easier to take advantageous positions without the need for precise aim.

Cypher and Gekko: The Setup Specialists

Both Cypher and Gekko are great options for players who enjoy playing a more strategic role. These agents excel at setting up traps and gathering information, allowing their teammates to make informed decisions and take better-positioned fights. Learning Cypher's setups can be particularly rewarding, as they can help control key areas of the map without requiring pinpoint accuracy. If you still feel stuck in low elo, look for cheap Duo Carry services. There's no shame in getting some help along the way.

Controllers: Brimstone and Viper

Controller agents like Brimstone and Viper are perfect for players who want to support their team by creating space and denying vision to the enemy. By utilizing their smoke abilities, these agents can help their teammates take duels with an advantage, even if their own aim isn't perfect. Additionally, playing around smokes with a shotgun can be an effective way to secure kills without needing to rely on precise aiming.

Initiators: Sova and Fade

Initiator agents such as Sova and Fade can be valuable assets to any team, even for players with less-than-ideal aim. By learning basic lineups for their abilities, these agents can gather crucial information and set up favorable engagements for their teammates. While mastering lineups takes practice, the value they provide can be game-changing.

Reyna: The Aim-Dependent Duelist

While some might suggest Reyna as a good pick for players looking to improve their aim, it's important to note that she is heavily reliant on fragging power. Without consistent aim, playing Reyna can be frustrating and may not provide the desired results. However, if your goal is to force yourself to improve your aim, Reyna can be a challenging but rewarding choice.The best agent for a player with less-than-perfect aim will depend on their playstyle and preferences. Whether you choose to focus on supporting your team with agents like Neon, Cypher, or Gekko, or you prefer the strategic play of controllers like Brimstone and Viper, there are plenty of options available. Remember, while improving your aim is always a good goal, it's not the only way to contribute to your team's success in Valorant. By choosing an agent that complements your strengths and allows you to play to your abilities, you can still have a significant impact on the game's outcome.

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