Valorant Champions 2024 Bundle: Speculations and Wishlist

May 23, 2024

As Riot Games gears up for the highly anticipated Valorant Champions 2024 bundle, the gaming community is buzzing with excitement and speculation. With the reveal likely to take place in July, followed by the release in August, players are eagerly sharing their thoughts and wishes for this year's bundle, which is expected to feature a Phantom skin.

Design Preferences: Sleek and Simple or Flashy?

One of the main points of discussion among Valorant enthusiasts is the design aesthetic of the upcoming Phantom skin. Many players express their hope for a sleek and simple design, in contrast to the more flashy approach taken with the Vandal skin in previous bundles. The general consensus seems to favor a clean and elegant look that doesn't overpower the gun's inherent beauty.

Melee Weapon Wishlist: Katana or Something New?

Alongside the Phantom skin, players are eagerly speculating about the melee weapon that will be included in the Champions 2024 bundle. The katana, a fan-favorite from previous releases, is high on many wishlists. The sleek and lethal design of a sheathed katana has captured the hearts of many Valorant players. However, some are open to new ideas, such as the Overdrive or RGX melee weapons, which could add a fresh twist to the bundle.

Alternative Gun Choices: Operator and Sheriff

While the Phantom is the most likely candidate for the Champions 2024 bundle, some players are hoping for a surprise inclusion of other guns. The Operator and Sheriff are two weapons that have been mentioned as potential alternatives. A new skin for these guns could add variety to the bundle and cater to different playstyles. However, from a marketing perspective, the Phantom remains the most probable choice.And what if this time we get a grindable skin? For example, a skin for each rank elo. If that's gonna be the case, you might want to look into Duo Carry services so you can get the skin you want without any troubles.

Dual-Handed Melee Weapon: A Fresh Take

An interesting suggestion that has emerged is the inclusion of a dual-handed melee weapon in the Champions 2024 bundle. Taking inspiration from the SOL 2.0 bundle, a dual-handed melee could offer a unique and visually striking addition to the game. This concept has garnered attention from players who are eager to see something new and exciting in the melee department.

Champions Aura and Kill Sound: Elevating the Experience

Beyond the visual aspects of the bundle, players are also focusing on the finer details that enhance the overall experience. The Champions aura, a signature feature of the bundle, is a must-have for many. The kill sound is another crucial element that can make or break the appeal of a skin. Players are hoping for a distinctive and satisfying kill sound that sets the Champions 2024 bundle apart from the default Vandal sound.As the Valorant community eagerly awaits the reveal of the Champions 2024 bundle, the speculation and wishlist discussions continue to thrive. From sleek Phantom designs to innovative melee weapons, players are expressing their hopes and preferences for this year's bundle. While the final contents remain a mystery, one thing is certain: the Champions 2024 bundle is set to be a highly sought-after addition to the Valorant universe, and players are ready to embrace it with open arms.

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